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Upgrade your career – get MBA!

TOP German and world`s business schools, individual meetings, scholarships, consulting, recruiting – it`s all about MBA25 event. We invite middle and top managers to join our MBA platform in Frankfurt!

1) Meet business school representatives from top 25 rankings in different formats: individual meeting, panel discussions, info sessions, alumni testimonials:

*Individual meetings – unique possibility to meet representatives of admission team of top business schools INDIVIDUALLY. Ask all important questions and get detailed answers.Have a personal interview scheduled for a chosen time slot at the event.

2) Get important pieces of advice on test preparation, application requires and GMAT test itself from best test prep companies in Germany:

*Get step by step instruction how to prepare for your GMAT test from Staufenbiel Institut, upgrade your knowledge about application requires and get life hacks how to pass GMAT.

3) Find out financing and scholarship options from our consultants:

*How to win a scholarship? How big is the competition? What should I do to get a scholarship?

4) Get acquainted with HR directors from top 20 companies of the world:

*Meet representatives, marketing managers and HR-directors from the best companies of the world and find out about free vacancies, personal and professional growth.

5) Exchange contacts with MBA25 participants and alumni for further networking:

*Enjoy a cup of coffee in our informal space with other candidates and MBA alumni and become a part of business environment and get useful contacts.

60487 InterContinental Frankfurt
Upgrade your career – get MBA!
Intercontinental Hotel
Wilhelm-Leuschner-Straße 43 · 60329 Frankfurt



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Upgrade your career – get MBA!

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Upgrade your career – get MBA!


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